The Twin Cities Alumni Network (TCAN) is an ad hoc association of member alumni clubs. We facilitate inter-club events, network, and, through our member clubs, participate in social, cultural, business, educational and community service activities. Membership in TCAN is open to bona fide alumni clubs that meet our organization's requirements. To learn more, or request affiliation, Twin Cities alumni club leaders should contact one of our officers or Click Here.

Tentative Goals

The TCAN organizing committee has enumerated the following organizational goals, subject to the feedback and ratification of our members.

  1. Provide opportunities for the alumni of member clubs to network with each other through individual alumni club events that are open to the wider TCAN community
  2. Recognize that TCAN designated events should provide something of value to each person's business, career or community interests, regardless of which school they attended
  3. Aspire to offer participating clubs an opportunity to meet monthly through one or more TCAN designated events in association with its member alumni clubs
  4. Sponsor a select number of TCAN events that are open to member clubs of our existing organization as well as invited guests and club leaders of nascent alumni clubs
  5. Currently under consideration, TCAN may sponsor sub-groups which would facilitate a variety of specialized programming not offered within any member alumni clubs

From camaraderie to collaboration, TCAN sponsored networking events are intended to be the go-to destination for business, cultural and social interaction by and for our members.

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